Coil – Rosa Decidua

Rose, I hear your voice near to me.

I’ve put away the poisoned chalice, for now.
And lie down amongst the flowerbeds.

Whichever stars we walk among.
We both seek out the darkest red.

The wine was turned to blood again.
Without this blood we’d both be dead.

I’ve wound myself tight into the hedgerows.
Let’s see which way the winter wind blows.

You are my shadow.

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Lebanon Hanover

Lebanon Hanover

Lebanon Hanover, mi obsesión favorita.

The Moor.part1
The Moor.part2
The Moor.part3




The Moor

I no longer feel like sinking.
Down the black moor on my own.
Those heavy winds feel more frosty.
Wish I could be with someone.
I like to give but now I feel like taking.
Let me consume you and escape these times.

I no longer feel like walking.
In your car please make sure that we fly.
The softest way of taking is exploiting.
Your body for the pleasure of mine.
And noone kisses with such a fire.
The only way we give and take at the same time.


Fever Ray

Fever Ray

Fever Ray ‘If I Had A Heart’.part1
Fever Ray ‘If I Had A Heart’.part2
Fever Ray ‘If I Had A Heart’.part3
Fever Ray ‘If I Had A Heart’.part4

Fever Ray – Now’s The Only Time I Know.part1
Fever Ray – Now’s The Only Time I Know.part2
Fever Ray – Now’s The Only Time I Know.part3

Fever Ray ‘When I Grow Up’.part1
Fever Ray ‘When I Grow Up’.part2
Fever Ray ‘When I Grow Up’.part3
Fever Ray ‘When I Grow Up’.part4
Fever Ray ‘When I Grow Up’.part5



Victoria+Jean – Divine Love


12 – Define Love.part01
12 – Define Love.part02
12 – Define Love.part03
12 – Define Love.part04
12 – Define Love.part05
12 – Define Love.part06
12 – Define Love.part07
12 – Define Love.part08
12 – Define Love.part09

10 – Where We Belong.part1
10 – Where We Belong.part2
10 – Where We Belong.part3
10 – Where We Belong.part4
10 – Where We Belong.part5

05 – Why Won’t You.part1
05 – Why Won’t You.part2
05 – Why Won’t You.part3
05 – Why Won’t You.part4


Black Sabbath – Solitude


My name it means nothing my fortune is less.
My future is shrouded in dark wilderness.
Sunshine is far away, clouds linger on.
Everything I possessed. Now they are gone.

Oh where can I go to and what can I do?
Nothing can please me only thoughts are of you.
You just laughed when I begged you to stay.
I’ve not stopped crying since you went away.

The world is a lonely place you’re on your own.
Guess I will go home sit down and moan.
Crying and thinking is all that I do.
Memories I have remind me of you.

Black Sabbath – Solitude.part1
Black Sabbath – Solitude.part2
Black Sabbath – Solitude.part3